Some vehicles make more sense to export than other, and some cars do not make sense at all

We have compiled a buyer’s guide on a selection of vehicles that can be exported to South Africa and that has the potential to be sold after two years at a profit. Some of these cars have the potential to have a profit margin of a 100% on their purchase price in the country of export! (See the list at the bottom section of this page)


Vehicles that do not make sense to export would be vehicles that is unpopular in South Africa, like the hideous SsangYong 4X4’s or the horrible Chrysler Neon for example. (There are many more examples)

So which cars do make sense to export to South Africa? Well, most vehicles would make sense to export, but the one’s that really stand out as “export material” would be a vehicle that is scarce and sought after on the South African used car market. These kinds of vehicles would be in most cases sports cars, motorbikes and 4X4’s, and they should not be necessarily expensive to buy. If you work through the buyers guide you will notice that some can be bought for as little as £1000. By the way - if you wonder why Springbok Imports refer to the UK most of the time, it is because most of our business comes from the UK. Not that we are now discriminating against the rest of the world, but if we had to refer to every country in the world this website would have been impossible to develop due to the amount of information required to cover everything!


Should you want to export a vehicle from a country like Australia or Tanzania and want advice on what to buy, please contact us for advice. Our buyers guide’s vehicle would be relevant to any country in the world anyway.


Good methods of comparing market value prices from the country of export VS. the South African market prices would be using www.autotrader.co.za to research the vehicle’s South African prices.

If you want to search for a car in the UK, www.autotrader.co.uk and ebay.co.uk would be a good place to start. (should you need a postcode in order to conduct a search and you do not have a postcode available, use HA 04 UZ. Its my old address in Wembley, London)


Should you wish to export a left hand drive car (LHD) and convert it to right hand drive (RHD) like a Ford Mustang or Dodge Ram from the USA or Dubai, please contact us for information on conversion centres in South Africa. In many cases we can also give conversion prices immediately.


Here is a list of affordable vehicles that is sensible to export. This is just a few examples because it would be impossible to list every sensible vehicle. If you are interested in exporting a car that is not in this list and want our opinion and advice, please contact us.

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