Since it is in most cases much cheaper to arrange shipping from the country of export, Springbok Imports do not cater for shipping services anymore. We specialize in import permit related matters only, and do a lot of contract work for export / shipping companies all over the world

Due to the complex method of determining shipment quotes, Springbok Imports cannot provide an “online calculator” for shipment quotes.


Should the vehicle come from Europe, you can contact Wise Moves LTD on www.wisemovesltd.co.uk or +44 (0) 208 749 0362. Their service standard is of an exceptional quality and their prices very competitive!


Should the vehicle come from a country other than the UK, contact Springbok Imports for assistance with finding a reliable shipping company.


Shipping of your vehicle (s):

  1. Ro / Ro Service – Roll on / Roll off: the vehicle must be delivered to Southampton Port, where it will be driven onto the ship and at destination (Port Elizabeth or Durban only) will be driven off the ship. The vehicle must be in a driveable condition. Nothing can be packed inside the vehicle. 
  2. Container service – This service is slightly more expensive, but personal items can be packed inside the car and the rest of the container can be used for household goods. This service go to all main destinations (Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth)

Please be aware that your shipping company have to arrange for a clearing agent BEFORE the vehicle leave the country of export.


You would also need two or three valuations for the vehicle from the country of export so that the import taxes (if payable) can be determined. Should you have difficulty to get valuations arrange from e.g. a used car dealership, Springbok Imports can arrange for valuations at an additional R250 per valuation.


Should you have any questions about shipping related matters, please contact us.
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